July Focus – United we stand


Our church move is still number one on the prayer list…… we already have some super exciting developments and we hope to be in our new home before the end of 2019……..

We have already prophetically seen us having services and then cleaning up and building and or painting after church, ordering big buckets of chicken from KFC and feeling that amazing connection called spiritual family in a whole new way and how can we forget the deep inner knowing that we apart of building something so much bigger than ourselves…..

The lives touched and changed will be our earthly reward and our heavenly reward can only be described when we see heaven one day…….

  1. 1. We pray for the total amount of money we need to complete phase one to come in before we move…… in Jesus name!
  2. 2. We pray for unity amongst the leadership team and spiritual family as we move location but not the heart of our church.
  3. 3.We pray for those who will not make the move with us, we trust that they find a spiritual home that will help them reach their destiny in Christ.
  4. 4.We pray for those who will experience challenges as we move but are called to the vision of River Church, we see them receiving supernatural strength and wisdom during this time.
  5. 5. We pray against disunity and every spirit from the enemy that is intimidated by this move and River Churches God ordained the influence in Pretoria and South Africa.
  6. 6. We thank God for every faithful team member that makes church possible through their selfless sacrifice, we see many people become the best version of themselves because of the continued serving of our volunteers…….
    God we ask that you bless them abundantly….

We ask all of this
In Jesus name
The name we give all the glory 2……


  1. “As believers our regular attendance of church meetings as well active participation therein are absolutely vital. This will include worship, prayer and the serving of others as helpers or volunteers. We all have something
    to give and if we ask the Lord then He will speak to us and use us powerfully in the life of the church and in the lives of our fellow believers. It is not just a Sunday service, it is way more than that. It is being part of the family where God has placed you. We read in Acts 2:42 that after the Holy Spirit came upon the early believers (and as many more were saved) that they continued in 4 basic practices namely:
    1. the teachings of the apostles
    2. worship
    3. the breaking of bread
    4. prayer
    This is how believers are ‘baptised’ into the Body of Christ. Do not just be a spectator, take ownership and immerse yourself in the Body. We are many members but one Body and we have one Holy Spirit in all of us. This is what church life should and could be for you as a believer.
    The Bible continues to say that we should not neglect the gathering of the saints, the public meetings. There is something amazing that happens when the church gathers in pursuit of the worship of God. There is a ‘corporate’ anointing that is so very tangible when believers are in unity and present themselves as living sacrifices to God. Romans 12:1 describes this as our reasonable act of worship. God commands a blessing where there is unity and you don’t want to miss out on this!


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